A CHARITY song released by a Windsor busker has captured the mood of UK families sending love through screens to their families while in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Singer/songwriter Livvy Beer wrote, sang, and composed ‘Loving You from a Distance’ featuring Prime Minister Boris Johnson voice clips – and got 28 singers and musicians across the UK to play along on the track through the power of the internet.

The 20-year-old music student at Leeds University wrote it as an acoustic song during the first week of the lockdown and over the course of five weeks, it became a gospel ballad when she sent it to different musicians she met on her musical journey either through gigs or at university.

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The roaring choruses reflect current Britain where family, friends and neighbours are staying in touch and sending love to one another through their tablets, smartphones or from a distance, but adds a glimmer of hope that we will all meet again and return to normal at some point.

All proceeds the song makes will directly go to the charity NHS Charities Together.

Royal Borough Observer:

Livvy said: “I wanted to make something that gave back to the community and put something that’s nice hear and see rather than seeing all the horrible news that’s going on at the moment.

“On the first week of lockdown where I saw all the rainbows in the windows and everything supporting the NHS – I just thought that it was so lovely that even though we can’t be together or support each other physically we’re still supporting each other virtually.

“I thought that was really inspiring and definitely restores your faith in humanity, doesn’t it?”

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She added that the gargantuan ambition of the song ‘wasn’t expected’ as she only sent it a few friends, but it later grew and grew with more musicians adding vocal harmonies or instrumental layers to the track.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s voice makes a surprise appearance through voice clips to reinforce the strong message of unity and making it through the pandemic as one whole nation.

A surprised Livvy said she was overwhelmed by the amount of love and support the track was getting from the public as well as music listeners – calling the response ‘crazy’ as it garnered more than 1,500 views on YouTube.

An acoustic version of ‘Loving You from a Distance’ was hinted by Livvy – and it could be released within a month, with proceeds from that also being donated to the NHS.

The track can be listened to here: https://open.spotify.com/album/4iIA5wHa9yi5ZgrkLptNBX?highlight=spotify:track:2k0jgn64FTCdDFQBjoFEN0

The video can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf0OkXVHpFQ&feature=emb_logo