AN old Victorian hotel could be turned into a 20-flat residential block.

41 Upton Park, Upton Park Hotel along with six other existing flats will be restored and converted into homes with 14 additional properties to be built within the area.

Councillors met on Wednesday and agreed for the application to be delegated to the planning manager for approval which enables the officer to approve or refuse the plans without needing a decision from the planning committee.

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Twenty three parking spaces are proposed with electric charging points for three bays and may have a dedicated cycle storage facility at the rear end of the parking lot.

The site location is on a private road and the Victorian hotel does not have a ‘listed building’ status.

Upton Park Roads Ltd, a specialised construction business, raised objections to the application saying trees and shrubs could be potentially lost as well and traffic and parking could be an issue since the road leading up to the hotel is very narrow.

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Councillor Pavitar K. Mann (Labour: Britwell and Northborough), cabinet member for planning, said: “If you look at Upton Park Road, it is very narrow.

“There are existing problems with parking there out of off-peak hours, with a lot of flats on Upton Parks.

“If you go there any time in the evening, you can barely get passed at some points with cars being parked on the road.”

Planning officers said the parking provision is deemed adequate for the site but can’t enforce any powers on the road as it is privately owned.

A compound to store equipment and materials will be delegated to construction vehicles to try and minimise disruption for surrounding residents.