Central Windsor's Rector Reverend Canon Sally Lodge says she has had to close the doors of the town's four main churches 'with a heavy heart'.

Services had already been cancelled at Windsor Parish Church on the High Street; All Saints, Frances Road, St Stephen’s, Vansittart Road and Holy Trinity Garrison Church in Claremont Road. But the doors remained open for people who wanted to pray on their own.

Following PM Boris Johnson's announcement on Monday night though Mrs Lodge said: "The situation has now changed and with heavy hearts we have had to close the doors of our four churches.

"We are thinking through new ways of worshipping together by means of social media, live streaming and regular email updates. We are using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep in touch but we are also keeping in contact with those in our congregation who are less engaged with modern technology by telephone. I feel particularly sorry for those whose weddings can no longer take place. This is a very difficult time for them and we are trying to give support and remain positive. There is much that we can do to continue to show our love and support for the community. At the present time we are in the process of discovering the opportunities."