Taxi fares could rise in the Royal Borough as drivers argue that they cannot live on the current rates.

Passengers who use the borough's licensed Hackney Carriage may see a 10 percent or a 20 percent rise in prices - which for a two-mile journey could raise to £6.38 or £6.96. The current cost is £5.80.

Drivers argue the increase is necessary because many of them are struggling to make a reasonable living unless they work unacceptable hours as the price of living and fuel has gone up over the years.

But on officers' report to councillors will say that this view is not unanimous, as one driver has expressed fears that increased fares would see private hire contractors like Uber benefit at the expense of the Royal Borough's traditional Hackney carriages

Councillors are expected to make a decision about whether to allow the increase at next Monday's meeting of the Royal Borough's licensing panel.

They are being recommended by their officers to scrap the extra 20p charge for two or more passengers, introducing instead a flat fee for of £1 for carrying four or more people.

The officers' report also draws attention to the fact that some drivers have not been adhering to the mandatory requirement that they use their meters. The report will recommend that the tariff card displayed in the vehicle should contain the information that meters need to be used so that customers are aware.