Worried landlords have applied for licences on their properties after last week’s clampdown on illegally rented homes.

Since the operation last week , 23 applications have been made by landlords for a property licence in Slough.

Concerned tenants have also contacted the council to request information from the housing regulation department (HRD) on whether their rented homes are licensed.

Council officers knocked on the doors of the 10 properties simultaneously at 5am last Wednesday week to examine the living conditions in the houses on Alexandra Road, Chalvey.

Many of the unlicensed homes had problems with their gas and electricity with another deemed unsafe to live in with emergency work needed.

The owner and the agent of the houses investigated has now contacted the HRD.

Rhian Richards, Housing Regulation Manager, said: “We have issued all the paperwork we needed to in relation to the emergency works carried out at the properties in Alexandra Road and are currently carrying out further investigations.”

If any tenant in a rented property in Slough is concerned their home doesn’t have a landlord licence they should contact the housing regulation team on 01753 475111 option 3 or email privatesectorhousing1@slough.gov.uk