Virgin Media has been criticised by a councillor for the long delay repairing electrical junction boxes WRITES JAMES BAGLEY.

Cllr Phil Haseler, who represents Cox Green, notified the telecommunications and internet provider in December that five cabinets with broken front doors had been reported in his ward by residents.

Another box on Culley Way was reported on January 17 and is awaiting repairs.

Cllr Haseler said: “Many are in appalling conditions.

“I have reported and tweeted this to Virgin a few times and nothing has been done.

“There’s no barriers to protect the electrics and to keep people out from meddling with the wires.”

Engineers were sent out to Woodlands Park Road to fix one of the green boxes but the front doors remain broken.

He described the boxes as "aged and inefficient", adding: “It’s ironic the inside says, ‘how do I look?’

“What would happen if a little toddler sticks their finger in and creates a short circuit?

“This is a health and safety hazard to the public and needs to be looked at very soon.”

A spokesman for Virgin Media said: “Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention, I have now raised this with our team.”