A poignant goodbye has been paid to a controversial man who split opinion with his internet blog highlighting things he felt were wrong in Slough.

About 40 friends and supporters - including a smattering of councillors past and present - attended the funeral of Paul Janik, 72, at Slough Crematorium on Friday. Some gathered first outside his former home at Long Readings Lane to see off the cortage.

The coffin was draped with the Union flag and the Polish flag - reflecting Mr Janik's ancestry and lifelong love of Slough where he grew up. There was also a small rosary attached.

Friends had rallied round to pay the funeral expenses of Mr Janik.

Father Kevin O'Driscoll presiding at the service said that people describing Mr Janik to him has emphasised his peacefulness and the care he had devoted to his late mother.

His friend Gordon Moffatt delivered a eulogy to the former councillor. He described Mr Janik as a 'highly intelligent and gifted individual' whose computer skills had gained him a good job in the Netherlands that he gave up to return home to Slough and look after his mother.

He described his passion for politics, photography and gardening - as well as for the amateur journalism that fed his internet blog.

He said: "There was never any malice in him and it was impossible to be angry with him. He devoted his later years to exposing corruption and malpractice, often to his personal detriment.

"He was not always tactful but he challenged those who thought they were beyond accountability.

"People blew the whistle sometimes because they trusted him. He faced inevitable hostility and ridicule - he stood up for what he believed was right and fair."

A small bouquet of flowers with loving messages left outside the crematorium was topped movingly with a model aeroplane which Mr Janik's dad had once made for him.

Music at the service was provided by Andrea Bocelli's rendition of Ave Maria, Bette Midler's From a Distance and finally Bocelli and Sarah Brightman singing Time to Say Goodbye.

A reception was held afterwards at Slough Irish Club in Sheehy Way.