Legoland's latest plans for a new drop tower ride got the go-ahead from planning councillors on Wednesday - despite some members being clearly uneasy about the theme park's newest innovation.

Bosses at the Winkfield Road theme park wants to create a ride with two steep drop towers and gondolas measuring 13m in height.

To the north of the site and east of the existing Harbourside Fish and Chips restaurant the theme park bosses also plan to put play equipment with one piece about 10.5m high.

Royal Borough planning officers were advising members of the council's Windsor area development committee that the plan should be approved, as it was identical to a similar plan they had already given the go-ahead to at an earlier stage.

They argued that Legoland was merely asking to move it to a different location in the park, that could easily be closed off enabling work to carry on while the park was open this summer. They want it to be finished by 2021.

But Cllr David Hilton (Conservative: Ascot and Sunninghill) expressed suspicions that park bosses would soon want to develop the original site as well.

Legoland is situated on Green Belt land - which should theoretically restrict its expansion.

Cllr Jon Davey (West Windsor Residents Association: Clewer and Dedworth West) was unimpressed by Legoland's claim that it merited special treatment because of the jobs it provided.

He said: "There seem to be an awful lot of zero hours contracts at Legoland. It does not feel quite right to me. Legland always win, I wold like to see the borough win a bit more."

But councillors ended up giving a unanimous go-ahead after being assured that areas of Legoland currently used as roads would be allowed to return to grass and natural habitat as part of the decision to move the proposed new drop tower to a new site.

*After the meeting a spokesperson for Legoland replied to Cllr Davey's comment, saying: "0.01% of our peak season workforce are on a zero hours contract at the Legoland Windsor Resort. This very small proportion of our team are on this contract as it suits their own personal circumstances and is not something that is offered by the resort. We are delighted to offer a vast number of seasonal and permanent positions at the resort, and we have in fact just begun recruiting for team members to join us for our exciting 2020 season."