House prices in Windsor and Maidenhead increased by 55 per cent in 10 years - a rate of £48.39 a day.

It means that the average cost of a home in the borough now sits at £481,493 compared to £310,691 in December 2009.

The research has been released by real estate experts Savills – based on figures from the Office for National Statistics – which looks at a decade of property performance across the UK.

Neighbouring authorities have experienced a similar rise, with the average cost of a property in Slough increasing by 73 per cent to £303,543 (the equivalent of £36.39 a day). South Bucks has seen prices increase by 57 per cent to £586,281 (£59.97 a day), while the South East as a whole has seen growth of 52 per cent from £110,106 to £321,321 (£31.19 a day).

John Henson, who leads the residential team at Savills estate agents Windsor, said: “Of course the figures quoted are averages and there have been ups and downs along the way. The top end of the market will have seen lower growth given the combination of higher stamp duty and Brexit angst.

“But overall Windsor and surrounding villages have experienced consistently strong house price growth that has been on par with or in excess of the national average.

“Most recently post-EU referendum sentiment has dominated and there has been a slowdown in activity – but even this year in the face of considerable political and economic uncertainty the market has remained largely resilient."

Looking ahead to the next 12 months Mr Henson said the recent General Election result could bring a greater sense of urgency to the market, although there is a possibility that it will harden some sellers’ price expectations.

“We are expecting only modest price growth in 2020 on the basis that, despite domestic political uncertainty receding, some economic ambiguity will remain until a trade deal is agreed with the EU; even if, as is widely expected, the UK leaves the EU by the end of January without a further extension of Article 50."