A free two hour taster session will decide whether a creative writing course planned at Burnham Library goes ahead or not.

The taster session at the library in Windsor Lane will be led by locally based writer Michael Pearcy.

He said: “I take a very practical approach to creative writing with sensible advice and guidance aimed at breaking down the barriers that exist between your imagination and the act of putting words on paper. We can all tell a good story - we do it all the time – so what stops us writing a good story? It’s just a question of self-belief, a good skill set and practise.”

Each student at the taster session will be asked to come with an idea for a short story. During the session these ideas will be discussed and developed to a point where everyone will go home with at least an early draft of their story.

Mr Pearcy, who is a published and performed playwright and journalist, said: “If there is enough support, the taster session will be followed by a six-week daytime course which will continue this real-world approach to creative writing,”

The free taster session will take place next Wednesday, January 8 at noon. It has been timed to allow time for the 'school pick-up' while making the session accessible for those looking to explore a second career in writing after redundancy or retirement.

Information and booking details are available at Burnham Library or by searching online for creative writing at Burnham Library.