Proud pupils of Windsor's Upton House School received a special visit from the founder of the climate change charity NOCO2 - after raising £517 towards the planting of new trees in Madagascar.

The school's eco committee received a certificate from Sunningdale resident Charles Appleby after selling their handmade non-plastic Christmas trees - donating money raised towards the planting of trees to offset climate emissions.

The school in St Leonard's Road has already received an award for reducing single-use plastic, their aim is to plant enough trees to offset carbon emissions for each child in the school. Their new donation will help fund the planting of 4,838 trees in Madagascar, also providing jobs for families in poverty.

Jo Walker, a pupil member of the Eco Committee said: "We have a great passion for caring for our environment to help make a brighter future for everyone."

Charles Appleby said: "It was wonderful to see the pupils at Upton House School having such an interest in global warming and how planting trees can do something about it. I founded NOC02 to enable people to do something about reducing their carbon footprint by planting trees. Plant enough trees and you can go carbon neutral. On average, each person in the UK creates around seven tonnes of CO2 each year. By planting 1,750 trees, these trees will remove seven tonnes of CO2 for every year they are growing. By donating through we can plant 1750 trees for you for a one-time payment of £187 or £5 a month for three years."