A man whose drunken driving left a policeman so injured he lost a leg has been sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Hayden Brown, 25, of Suffolk Road, Maidenhead, was travelling at excessive speed and out of control along Norden Road at 5.30am on September 2, 2018 when his silver Ford Focus collided with a taxi which was being checked by two police officers - pushing them violently against it.

PC Tom Dorman, who is now an Acting Sergeant, received serious injuries as a result of the crash which led to his left leg being amputated. He also suffered a depressed skull fracture. He continues to receive medical treatment.

PC Norman Lam sustained several puncture wounds and severe bruising to his legs, fractured ribs, a dislocated shoulder as well as contusions to his arms. He is undergoing treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A 20-year-old woman, Ani Butt from Maidenhead, who was a passenger in the car that Brown was driving also suffered serious injuries. This included 24 broken bones and internal injuries which required several operations.





Brown fled the scene of the collision, but was later arrested on the same day. A breathalyser test was carried out and Brown was found to be nearly two times over the drink drive limit for alcohol. He was charged on February 28.

He was sentenced at Reading Crown Court today to five years in prison. Brown was also disqualified from driving for seven and half years and will have to undergo an extended driving test.

A/Sgt Tom Dorman, said: “At around 8.10am on Sunday December 2, 2018, Hayden Brown was complaining to a custody sergeant that he was in Police Custody 20 miles from his home address. At the same time I was fighting for my life at the John Radcliffe hospital following injuries I received as a direct result of Brown’s actions.

“Brown knew that he would be over the drink drive limit, along with taking a concoction of drugs including smoking cannabis and consuming cocaine; yet chose to drive a short distance in such a dangerous manner that it nearly proved fatal.

PC Norman Lam, said: “My only wish throughout this ongoing ordeal had been for the guilty party in this case to have the conscience to own up to his reckless actions."

“However if the circumstances had been different, then without hesitation, we would have been the first to assist Mr. Brown and his friends. Rather than being left behind like discarded rag dolls to die, as the driver did, when he ran away following this incident."

Ani Butt said: "I suffered horrific injuries including 24 broken bones, internal injuries and chronic nerve damage, leading to me having to learn to walk again.

“This incident has meant I have not been able to attend university and my mother had to give up work to care for me. The incident has had a huge effect on both of us.

“My mind still goes back to that night when I was trapped underneath the car in excruciating pain. I don’t know if the memories of that night will leave me."