A new warning system is being installed to stop tall vehicles getting stuck under Langley railway bridge.

New sensors will measure the height of vehicles as they approach either entrance to the low bridge in Station Road, flashing up a warning sign to drivers.

This will be in addition to the yellow and black hatched frame to the bridge which includes a circular red-rimmed warning sign stating the maximum height of vehicles that can safely pass under.

Langley railway bridge is a regular victim of bridge strikes with 33 reported since 2014 - not including unreported strikes where vehicles have scrapped through leaving tell-tale marks on the brightly coloured warning signs and roof of the bridge.

Every time a van or lorry becomes lodged Langley gets gridlocked as engineers figure out how to remove it safely. The road can then be closed for longer as structural engineers examine if it safe to be reopened for motorists and pedestrians to use or for trains to use the track above.

The new warning system will be installed by partners Network Rail, Buckinghamshire County Council and Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, which helped fund the signs as part of Langley Station improvements.

Contractors will be working on the road for a few hours at a time, off-peak, causing a minimum of disruption.

Chris Green, a traffic engineer major infrastructure projects, said: “This is a preventative measure to try and stop drivers squeezing under the bridge damaging it and causing disruption to the village.

“Bridge strikes can also cause chaos to the train system and could require Network Rail to make repairs which leads to further road closures.

“We hope residents will bear with us as we carry out this work."