A residential care home manager who has not paid anything back to the vulnerable person she stole from has been jailed for a second time.

Mavis Ngwerume was sent to jail for 15 months last year after plundering the bank account of a Slough adult with severe learning difficulties - taking increasingly large amounts between June, 2009 and April, 2015.

As well as her jail sentence she was ordered to pay back almost £50,000 in a Proceeds of Crime confiscation order.

However, the 67 year old has not paid back anything despite being given more time.

On November 15 she was ordered back to jail for 243 days for failing to pay. If she does pay she will be released - if not, she will serve the whole period and still be required to pay the money back.

The court found Ms Ngwerume, formerly of Calcot, Reading, had sent some of the money to family in Zimbabwe and had given some of the money to two of her adult children who live in the UK.

She was convicted by a jury in February 2018 of fraud by abuse of position while a manager at Divine Care Solutions in Reading.

She was jailed for 15 months and ordered to pay back £48,430.97 by Judge Sarah Campbell at Reading Crown Court in October last year. She called Ms Ngwreume “despicable” for denying the offence, showing no remorse and attempting to blame both the victim and colleagues during her evidence.

The vulnerable resident had been placed in residential care provided by Divine Care Solutions through Slough Borough Council. An investigation was sparked after a social worker reviewing the victim’s care package noticed unusually high levels of spending.

Alan Sinclair, director of adults and communities, said: “With another period of imprisonment we hope Ms Ngwreume will find a conscience and some integrity and compensate the victim.”