Tan Dhesi has been selected to stand as the Labour party's prospective parliamentary candidate for Slough.

Mr Dhesi served as the town's MP from 2017 until Parliament was dissolved and the General Election called.

Chairman of Slough Labour group Cllr Christine Hulme said: "Tan has always worked hard for local residents and put the interests of Slough people at the heart of everything he does.

"A vote for Tan is a vote for properly funded public services, a supported NHS, an end to the housing crisis and a Government that puts people before privilege.

"As Labour councillors we have seen the devastating effect the Conservative's austerity agenda has had on our residents."

Mr Dhesi became Britain's first turbaned Sikh MP in the 2017 General Election after gaining the nomination for Slough following Fiona Mactaggart's retirement. He gave his maiden speech in the House of Commons on July 18, 2017.

On September 4 he made headlines when he criticised Prime Minister Boris Johnson for comparing Muslim women wearing the burqa to letterboxes and bank robbers in an article he wrote. He called for Johnson to investigate Islamophobic hate speech within the Conservative Party.