Slough's Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate for the forthcoming General Election is Aaron Chahal - a finance assistant at British Airways Pensions who is studying to become a chartered accountant.

He firmly endorses party leader Jo Swinson's ambition to stop Brexit, saying: "Our local hospitals and care homes are losing valued staff members who are citizens of EU countries and no longer feel welcome in the UK. Staff shortages are becoming even worse as fewer nurses, doctors and others are coming to work in the UK from EU countries. In any trade deal between Donald Trump and his friend Boris Johnson there is a real danger that the NHS will be forced to pay a lot more for medicines imported from US companies and UK private healthcare will be allowed to run some NHS services for profit."

He said: "The Lib Dems are the strongest UK party committed to both stopping Brexit and campaigning to protect our NHS, jobs and the economy. The NHS in Slough needs defending against the twin dangers of Brexit and a repeat of the decision by Slough's Labour run council to privatise some local services previously run by the NHS at Upton Hospital."

Mr Chahal describes himself as a passionate campaigner for action to combat climate change, saying: "This is best done inside the EU and at national and local levels. I will promote the Slough Lib Dem's action plan to tackle Climate Emergency."

He also pledges to promote policies to tackle Slough's housing shortage, blaming the policies of the Conservative Government and the failures of the Labour Council.