When Graham Waller, 62, agreed to give bagpipe playing lessons to a celebrated concert pianist who wanted to expand her skills he never guessed where it was all going to lead.

Graham, of White Horse Road, Windsor, was a widower with two grown up sons.

Maltese born Maureen Galea, 46, is a well known concert pianist specialising in Czech music who has played all over Europe and made critically acclaimed CDs. She also teaches piano at the University of Surrey.

Graham said: "She came to me to learn the bagpipes four and a half years ago after finding me on Google. It was just something she had always wanted to do."

The lessons led to marriage.

Graham said: "I had been a widower five years and realised I was not designed to be on my own. There was a natural attraction between us and I thought 'this is the lady I would like to see'."

Music lovers will now be able to see the pair making music together at Windsor Parish Church on Friday, November 29 - he on the bagpipes and she accompanying him on piano and organ.

It will be the latest in a series of free lunchtime concerts that Graham has organised at the church this year. Maureen's musical connections have enabled him to attract some top talent but it will be Graham's first appearance at the church this year playing the bagpipes.

He said: "I started to play at 12. My dad took me to see a pipe band because he had a friend involved in it and I 'got the disease'.

"I joined the Scots Guards at 15 and served with them for six years as a piper, although you always had to be a soldier first and a musician second."

He had a varied worklife since leaving the army - working as a logistics manager with Milupa baby food and starting a telecom company with his son. But the bagpipes have always remained his first love.

His concert with Maureen will begin at 1pm on November 29.