Today sees the start of Occupational Therapy Week in the Royal Borough - as care providers set out to show the community the services available.

Therapists from care providers Optalis will be hosting a stand at Maidenhead Town Hall between noon and 2pm every day until Thursday - finishing the week with a presentation on Friday from 10am till noon.

After the presentation, guests will have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have and chat over coffee and cake. All members of the public are invited to visit the stall during the week and watch the presentation.

There are several services available for the community in the Royal Borough including: Keep Safe Stay Well (KSSW) – a falls prevention service for people at risk of falling, or have had falls and require support to minimise risks at home.

The Short Term Support and Rehab Team (STSR) - assists those at a high risk of falls through illness or injury to be safe and independent following hospital discharge.

While the Physical Disability and Older People Team (PDOPT) addresses long term non-acute needs and acute needs for people with long term conditions.