More than 5,000 pieces of art from 160 artists, printmakers, photographers, sculptors and galleries will be on sale as the 15th Contemporary Art Fair brings people 'face to face' with real artists at Windsor Racecourse next month.

Television's Bargain Hunt expert Thomas Forrester and his team will be inviting visitors to bring along treasured works of art for valuation.

Blank Canvas workshops will be run by Creative Minds Consultancy, the brainchild of professional artist Frances Ackland-Snow - giving visitors the chance to discover new techniques and abilities.

On Saturday, November 9 there is a chance for artistic visitors to create a painting inspired by Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter known for her many portraits, self-portraits and works inspired by her country.

On Sunday, November 10 you can add your own figure to a Windsor landscape inspired by LS Lowry, while on both days there will be a chance to use zen doodles and mandalas to create an image.

There will be a programme of demonstrations by artists using painting, oils, watercolours, charcoal and acrylic - turning blank sheets into works of art while explaining the creative process.

Young visitors can complete the ArtQuest as they go round, with a prize for every entrant.

But ultimately the event offers a chance to buy works by a variety of artists. The fair has been running 15 years with emerging, mid-career and established artists and galleries, offering contemporary works of painting, fine art and photography, print, ceramic, glass, sculpture and assemblage.