A new Section 60 order giving police extended 'stop and search' powers across Slough has been introduced - only days after the last one lapsed after seven days of constant renewal.

A new order was brought in today following a number of incidents and will last 24 hours until tomorrow at 12.30pm.

Last week's seven days of extended powers also consisted of 24 hour orders. But they were renewed every day - senior officers will decide tomorrow whether to do the same again.

Chief Inspector Lee Barnham, Deputy LPA Commander for Slough, said: “The order applies to the entire Borough of Slough.

“Section 60 is an infrequently used power and it was never intended to be in place permanently. The orders exist to help the police prevent serious violence and the police can use these powers where serious violence has taken place or where the police think it may take place. The new order will not be permanent but it is necessary for the time being.”

Section 60 orders allow the police to stop and search if they do not have 'reasonable grounds' and their use in Slough reflect the growing concern of knife crime in the borough, following the death of a 15 year old boy and a brutal assault on a man in his 20s.

A 15 year old has been charged with murder and a 17 year old with grievous bodily harm.

*If you are searched either under a Section 60 order or Stop and Search the officer will tell you why they are searching you, what they are looking for, tell you their name and where they work and will also ask you if you want a copy of the search record.