There are no plans to introduce official transit sites for travellers in South Bucks - despite recent showdowns over the appearance of caravans on open spaces in the area.

Wycombe District Council went to court to formally ban travellers from its open spaces, while South Bucks District Council has also faced problems.

But Barney Doherty, who owns a paddock and stables in Willets Lane, Denham believes it is a problem that could be solved official sites could be made available as they used to be.

He said: "I have spoken to one traveller and he said they would rather have a site they could go straight to without any problems - I think the council was wrong to sell off sites it had."

But a statement from Buckinghamshire County Council indicated that there was unlikely to be a change of heart any time soon.

It said that changes in legislation had meant the council ceased to be responsible for the provision of traveller sites in 2004. The statement confirmed that five sites once owned by Bucks County Council for travellers in Bucks had been sold into private ownership - although they had been domicile sites intended for longterm residence, rather than transit sites

He said: "There are no current plans to introduce transit sites in South Bucks but such an approach would be kept under review through the district council local plan process."