The ongoing Section 60 order giving police extra powers to stop and search across the Slough borough has been extended for the third time.

The first order was put in place on Friday at 2pm, lasting 24 hours.

It was extended on Saturday for another 24 hours until 2pm Sunday, then again yesterday until 2pm today.

It has now been extended for another 24 hours until tomorrow (Tuesday).

This order and the previous orders were put in place following the murder of Elton Gashaj in Salt Hill Park on Saturday, September 21 and the stabbing of a man in Station Road in the Langley area of Slough on Wednesday.

A Section 60 order temporarily allows officers greater powers to stop and search in relation to items connected with violence in a defined location. In this case the location covers the entire Slough borough.

The latest extension will mean that the extra powers will have been in place for four days by the time it expires - police have given no indication as to whether a fourth one will be sought.

Police say the current orders have been designed to keep the streets safe from weapons. 

They have involved an increased number of officers on the streets and people are being encouraged to talk to them if they have specific worries.