Newly empowered opposition Royal Borough councillors are flexing their muscles as the authority faces a possible £4million overspend.

The bad news about the overspend was included in a document due to be presented to members of the council’s ruling cabinet at last night’s (Thursday) meeting.

Before the meeting a joint statement by the borough’s opposition councillors called on the ruling Conservatives to fully disclose the findings of the Chartered Institute for Public Finance and Accounting (CIPFA), which has reviewed and advised on the authority’s finances.

The opposition statement accuses the administration of consistently putting up barriers to resist disclosing the true financial situation.

The opposition councillors accuse the ruling Tories of spending on politically driven projects stating: “Many of those responsible either did not restand or did not succeed in the May elections and we have already seen one most senior resignation just 19 weeks later.

“Councillors should take a long, hard look at themselves.”

They call on Conservatives to put aside ‘political tribalism’ and work with opposition members.

The statement shows the growing confidence of opposition councillors, following the significant reduction of the ruling Tory majority in the May elections that saw several leading members lose their seats.

Conservative leader Simon Dudley’s surprise resignation two weeks ago has fuelled the flames and new leader Andrew Johnson has already indicated he is planning a ‘change of style’.

Coping with the anticipated overspend is likely to be one the biggest challenges facing him.

The opposition is now made up of a mix of independent and Liberal Democrat members as well as one former Conservative, Ready to flex political clout Opposition councillors eye possible £4m overspend Maidenhead Town Hall ‘Counci