A man found in his pyjamas covered in blood outside the Royal Farm Shop, had just killed his mother a jury heard today.

Daniel Staight had used a ceramic dog ornament to kill his mum Joy Green, at their home in Church Road, Old Windsor prosecutors told the court.

The son, who now goes by the name of "China Liza Japan", was found heavily bloodstained and carrying his possessions in large bags after he had an argument with his mother the jury was told.

Ms Green was discovered lying face-down in her home by a police officer on December 29 2017 having suffered a severe blunt trauma injury to the head and blood loss. Her body was surrounded by a pieces of a broken ornament.

The court heard that on the day of her death a passer-by spotted a man covered in blood carrying two holdalls and a blue rucksack and notified the police.

Police constable Luke Jenkins was on duty and arrived at the scene outside the Royal Farm Shop in Datchet Road within two minutes. He described seeing a male walking along Datchet Road, Windsor, covered in blood and dragging coloured bags.

He said: “He was staggering and looked somewhat distressed.”

The policeman called for back-up and Police Constable Douglas Grant arrived at 10.30pm.

He told the court: "I started to converse with the male but straightaway I was aware he had mental health difficulties. 

“His bags contained clothing and electrical equipment. We found his name, date of birth and address and Pc Jenkins went to the address.”

He forced entry and found Mrs Green lying face down in the living room. There was a great deal of blood and Pc Jenkins noted there was a silver ceramic statue that appeared to be broken and on the sofa around the body.

The 36-year-old defendant, who suffers form severe learning difficulties, lived at home with his mother who was his full time carer Joy and his brother after moving back from a care facility in Southampton in 2012. Following his arrest on suspicion of murder, Staight was recorded by psychiatrists as not fit to plea or to stand trial.

The jury was told that as a result of Staight's unfit to plead state, they were simply being asked to rule whether he killed Ms Green. They were told they were not being asked to decide on whether he was guilty of murder or not.

The hearing continues tomorrow.