An ambitious plan to fix all potholes in the Royal Borough over 40mm deep within 24 hours was launched on Monday.

The new scheme forms part of a series of commitments to improve highways across the Royal Borough and will see all reported potholes over 40mm deep on roads and over 25mm deep on footways fixed within 24 hours regardless of which type of road or path they are located on.

Cllr Andrew Johnson, lead member for infrastructure, transport policy and housing, said: “We promised our residents that we would do everything we could to improve highways across our borough and we have worked hard to introduce this flagship policy less than six months into the new municipal year.

“This policy will mean that our residents will benefit from some of the quickest response times to potholes in Berkshire and beyond, and forms part of our commitment to invest over £50 million into our highways and pavements over the next four years.

“This change will also mean our roads network is safer for vulnerable road users and help support our commitment to support sustainable transport and reduce carbon emissions.”

Residents are being encouraged to report potholes online via the Royal Borough’s website.

Cllr Johnson said: “Nearly 87% of potholes reported last year were reported to us online as it’s easiest and most convenient way to ensure we can get to work and fix a pothole quickly with the report going directly to the team responsible.”