SIX HUNDRED of Boris Johnson's promised police officers are expected to be recruited across Thames Valley Police.

The elected head of the force has said the initial estimates have been handed out by the government.

It's all part of the new prime minister's pledge to roll out 20,000 new police officers in the country.

Mr Johnson made the promise as one of his key commitments during the Conservative leadership race.

If all goes to plan then Thames Valley Police – which cover Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire – will be given 600 and the recruitment drive will start as early as next week.

The police and crime commissioner Anthony Stansfeld revealed the details.

He said: "My recent discussions with government continue to be positive and I have received initial estimates of 600 new officers for the Thames Valley.

"I am yet to hear the final details on this and I will continue to press the need for Thames Valley to receive the share of officers it requires."

Mr Stansfeld has previously said that eight years of cuts to TVP will be 'made good' by these new officers.

At the time he explained: "Thames Valley Police continues to face an increase in both demand and financial pressures, and I was pleased that the prime minister has promised another 20,000 officers. This should make good the cuts to Thames Valley Police over the last eight years."

His deputy, Matthew Barber has already committed to using the promised police on the front line to tackle community issues such as shoplifting.

Thames Valley Police are one of 45 police forces in England and Wales, including the British Transport Police.

If the officers were divvied out equally between all of the forces then TVP would end up with just shy of 450.

In the last few weeks Mr Barber branded the government system of dishing out the cash to police forces across the country 'unfair'.

He said that areas with higher crime raters are 'rewarded for failure' because of the system which the government uses to choose where the cash is spent.

In a meeting with Mr Johnson he 'pressed for changes to be made' to coincide with the increase in police numbers.

The team behind TVPs new recruitment website have said they are 'ready' for the 'good news' of more officers.

The idea is that the officers will be in place within three years.