Thoughtless visitors to Black Park are putting it at serious risk by their reckless behaviour.

Park rangers have had to call firefighters out after smelling smoke but being unable to pinpoint where it was coming from.

Visitors who ignore the rules and start barbecues in the park often leave, unaware of the threat they have left behind.

Firefighters point out that the smouldering can carry on for several days undetected, before suddenly erupting into blazes that can potentially destroy miles of parkland.

Something as simple as a piece of glass left behind can catch the sun and start a blaze - a particular risk during recent hot spells.

This week a spokesman for Bucks County Council said: “In the recent incident, rangers had smelled smoke but were initially unable to find the source. Once the fire brigade were on scene they located and put out a small area of smouldering leaf litter caused by a disposable BBQ.

“We really need all our visitors to take great care and make themselves aware of the risks of fire in the countryside, particularly when conditions are so dry. We ask people not to bring BBQs into the country parks and also that smokers make sure their cigarette butts are properly extinguished and disposed of correctly.

“If anyone sees or smells smoke in any of our country parks they should immediately contact the park rangers on 07734 734337 so they can investigate. If there are flames visible then people should waste no time and call 999 immediately.

Black Park in Wexham between Slough and Iver Heath covers an area of 250 hectares, of which a small area of 15.3 hectares has been designated a biological site of special scientific interest.