Irresponsible 'dumpers' are forcing the closure of the rubbish disposal site at Sutherland Grange - after rampant abuse of the facility caused a growing health problem.

The amenity was set up at Sutherland Grange to replace the one on the Tinkers Lane depot, when it closed to make way for the new fire station.

But its popularity soon led to abuse as people dumped inappropriate items like fridges, freezers, sofas, garden furniture - even circular saw blades, toilets and cupboards.

Now newly elected West Windsor Residents Association councillor Jon Davey has asked the Royal Borough to close the amenity on a temporary basis - after which the public will be asked if they want it reopened.

Fellow West Windsor Residents Association councillor Wisdom Da Costa said: "Since its relocation from the more practical Tinkers Lane depot, the Sutherland Grange Civic Amenity site has grown in 'popularity' and increasingly is overused and also abused by tippers which results in an unsightly mess, pollution of the nature reserve and the River Thames ecosystem and food chain with plastics.

"It exposes residents and animals to dangerous materials and fly tipping of oversize goods all of which unnecessarily costs the borough's residents thousands of pounds in clean up and waste disposal costs."

He said most of the dumped items could be correctly and safely disposed of at the Stafferton Way Civic Amenity Site in Maidenhead for free or by paying a small amount to use the Royal Borough's collection of large items website service.

But former Conservative councillor Ed Wilson who represented the area before losing his seat on the Royal Borough at the last election disagrees.

He campaigned against the deteriorating state of the site last year but feels the answer should rest with better management by the council.

He said: "Closing it will just lead to rubbish dumped on other sites in Dedworth - the sort of people who do this would never go to use the facility in Maidenhead.

"They say it is just a trial - but if those bins were taken away they would never be put back.

"Residents want it looked after properly - they don't want the council just washing its hands of it."