Angry Slough Muslims have spoken up in protest over the Indian government's decision to strip Kashmir of its special status.

A statement released on behalf of the Jamia Masjid Islamic Centre in Stoke Poges Lane said that the decision reflects the 'growing anti-Muslim sentiment that has been fermented by the far right rhetoric and policies of Narendra Modi’s nationalist government'.

The statement says: "Reports have already surfaced of gross human rights violations through cold blooded murder, arbitrary arrest, forced disappearances and the harassment of ordinary civilians.

"The world must not remain silent. We call for immediate action from our Government in the United Kingdom and from leaders around the world."

As Friday prayers ended at the Jamia Masjid Centre last week worshippers leaving the premises had strong views on the situation.

Sakhawat Hussain said that the protests outside the Indian High Commission the day before had brought together people from many different countries to protest - from India itself as well as Pakistan. The people of Slough were also well represented.

Mr Hussain has been in Slough 16 years. He has a brother living in Kashmir and said: "I'm very worried about him and his family."

Fellow worshipper Nadim Hussain said: "There is nothing democratic about the actions of the Indian government. Videos have been got out of the country showing gang rape, attacks on women and children.

"Taking Kahmir's special status was never put to a referendum."

Majam Mughal was attending Friday prayers with her daughters and also had strong views about Kashmir.

She said: "It is just not acceptable, holding people hostage in their own homes.

"I'm really saddened by the whole situation.

"People are being held without their consent, unable to live their lives. I just hope the UN can take some action and I would like to see out government playing a part."