A one day mental health festival in Windsor will offer support and encouragement to 'mad millennials'.

The Cardinal Clinic in Oakley Green Road, Oakley Green is joining forces with the not for profit organisation Mad Millennials run by Charlotte Brockman and Lauren Bamford on Saturday, August 31.

The event - which will be hosted at the Cardinal Clinic - will offer millennials aged between 20 and 35 the chance to find out more about mental health and wellbeing, while offering practical tips and tools to help them.

Themes and topics of the day will include social media pressures, resilience, understanding and managing anxiety, men’s mental health and and body image. Relaxation workshops, yoga sessions and mindfulness sessions are also on the agenda.

Ms Brockman, co-founder of Mad Millennials, said: "Talking about mental health openly can be difficult for many young people so this event is intended not just to support people dealing with mental health issues, but also to encourage people to take care of their mental health using techniques such as yoga, relaxation and mindfulness."

Christine Harrington, hospital director at Cardinal Clinic said: "We are committed to helping people dealing with mental health problems to recognise the importance of early intervention and the difference this can make in the longer term."

Refreshments and food stalls will be available on the day, including a hog roast and vegetarian options.

Attendance at the event is free but a voluntary contribution of £5 to help Mad Millennials continue the work they are doing would be welcomed.

For further information, visit www.cardinalclinic.co.uk.