A row has broken out over a parody twitter account mocking former Royal Borough Conservative councillor Ed Wilson who lost his Dedworth seat in the recent elections.

Cllr Wilson has regularly used social media to make points - but a parody account signed 'Steady Eddie Wilson' has been appearing in which a fictional version of Mr Wilson promises to make a comeback and stop any more money being spent on Dedworth, saying: 'How dare you depose me - I'll be back with my homies' before promising to come back and take over the council.

A furious Mr Wilson said this week he had written to the leaders of ruling Conservative party and opposition party leaders asking them to investigate if their members were involved.

Royal Borough Observer:

He said four councillors had followed the parody twitter account and two had commented on it.

He said: "Why should they want to get involved with something intended to disrespect and cause injury.

"It goes against the code of conduct.

"It very odd that councillors should even want to acknowledge these tweets let along find them funny, when they are aimed at someone who tried to stand up for their community. I will be taking it further."

Cllr Lynne Jones, who is leader of the Independent councillors said she had become increasingly concerned that social media was being increasingly weaponised for political reasons in the Royal Borough.

She said: "I try to stay out of it and only contribute if I need to correct something that is not true.

"It is a very political social media in this area and I don't like it. It can amount to harassment and gets frustrating. I try to ignore it but then you get accused of not answering criticisms.

"It does not do the council's reputation any good at all."

The Royal Borough's council leader Simon Dudley often uses tweets to make points.

But he said: "A lot of stuff on social media is infantile and people should cut it out. It is not political discourse, it is trolling and it is infantile.

"Unfortunately it is difficult to get parody accounts taken down."