Slough hospital that does not exist is trending on Twitter – after The Brexit Party founder referenced it in a tweet claiming patients were being treated there after being flown in from Pakistan.

Catherine Blaiklock, who launched the party earlier this year, tweeted yesterday to say she had received a text message from someone saying: “Major operations are sold in Pakistan and performed by the NHS in London.

“Patients arrive at Heathrow and are collected and taken to Slough General. Everyone is on the take abusing the system.”

Slough has two hospitals – Wexham Park and Upton – so it is not clear which hospital Ms Blaiklock was referencing in her tweet, which received a barrage of criticism, including from Slough MP Tan Dhesi who accused her of “stoking racism and anti-immigrant propaganda”.

He wrote: “There is no “Slough General”! #FakeNews Delete tweet @blaiklockBP, apologise and stop misleading the British public by creating division within harmonious communities.”

She was also called out for claiming Slough is in London.

Slough Borough Council leader James Swindlehurst waded in on the row, saying: “This would have marginally more credibility if Slough was in London and our hospital wasn’t called Wexham Park.”

Ms Blaiklock’s tweet has, so far, had more 2,400 comments, with many users accusing her of racism.

One wrote: “1. Slough General Hospital doesn't exist; 2. Slough isn't in London; 3. Pakistan isn’t in the EU. I’m sure this is an honest mistake and absolutely nothing to do with racism,” while another commented: “1) There is no Slough General Hospital 2) "someone" told you by text is not evidence.”

Some users, who were not aware that ‘Slough General’ is non-existent, with one tweeting: “All kinds of frauds being perpetrated. lf true, this story needs investigation by the Sec. of State for Health and Social Welfare Matt Hancock. Charges should follow if found to be true. In this country we are so naive it is unbelievable.”

The tweet, which went up just after 10.30am yesterday (Tuesday) is still up despite calls for Ms Blaiklock to take it down and “apologise for misinformation”.