The Lakeside Energy from Waste facility in Colnbrook may have to be rebuilt from scratch 600 metres away - to make way for the expected Heathrow expansion.

Proposals to build a 'like for like' replacement have been submitted to Slough Borough Council.

Lakeside Energy from Waste Ltd is a joint venture between Grundon Waste Management - the UK's largest family owned waste management company and Viridor - one of the biggest resource management companies in the UK.

Lakeside's high temperature incinerator is managed by Grundon and the facilities share a complex where waste from councils, businesses, NHS trusts and healthcare facilities are collected, recycled or treated.

Lakeside director Richard Skehens said: "This is a significant milestone in our proposal for a like for like replacement of the existing Lakeside facilities. We're grateful to everyone who has helped us reach this point and look forward to working with Slough Borough Council as the planning application progresses through the planning system."

Lakeside held two public consultations in March, to discuss its proposals with local communities.

An extensive search followed to find an suitable site for a replacement Lakeside facility. The site settled on is 600 metres away from the present one, immediately west of the existing Iver South Sludge Dewatering Centre in Colnbrook.

Slough Borough Council will soon the full application and its environmental impact assessement on its website.

If the proposed Heathrow expansion does go ahead the existing Lakeside Energy from waste and high temperature incinerator facilities would have to be demolished because the expansion would be backed by compulsory purchase powers.

This would happen whether or not the council granted planning permission for the current proposed replacement site.