The CCTV upgrade promised by the Royal Borough is nearing completion.

The £1.5m scheme comprises a state-of-the-art wireless camera system that has seen existing cameras upgraded as well as the installation of new and improved positions to offer better coverage across the borough. In total around 150 cameras have been added, upgraded or relocated.

At the heart of the network is a completely refurbished monitoring centre which will give the council’s control room staff, as well as partners in Thames Valley Police, improved facilities to monitor and review footage.

Cllr David Cannon, cabinet member for Public Protection, says: “I am delighted that we have upgraded these cameras to ensure our residents have peace of mind when they are out in our towns. We can’t cover every area of the borough but have placed cameras in specific locations like the town centres and some car parks to ensure the community feel safe.

“The images that we are now able to use to assist Thames Valley Police when dealing with crimes are incredible and I hope that this new system will help to improve community safety as well as help identify perpetrators and bring them to justice on occasions when an incident does occur.”

The Royal Borough worked with Computerised & Digital Security Systems Ltd (CDS) to deliver the upgrade which has taken just under a year.

Andy Williams, managing director of CDS said: “We are delighted that we were able to work on the scheme to upgrade the cameras and the control room. The council now has a state of the art CCTV system in place which will help the control room staff work with the police and other authorities to ensure the borough is kept as safe as it can be”

The previous network of cameras had reached the end of its serviceable life after more than 20 years.

Residents and businesses near to all cameras which were installed or changed in some way were written to and given an opportunity to comment.