Patients getting a knee or hip replacement at Windsor's Princess Margaret Hospital can now have a robot assisting with the operation.

The hospital in Osborne Road has had a Stryker Mako robotic arm installed which will be used by surgeons to offer a state of the art alternative to traditional methods of joint replacement surgery.

Rakesh Kucheria, one of the hospital’s consultant orthopaedic surgeons, trained in robotic surgery.

He said: “The robotic-arm will help transform the way we perform hip and knee joint replacement surgeries, providing patients with a number of benefits like reduced recovery time, less post-operative pain and a more accurate placement of the implant than traditional methods.”

BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital currently has three orthopaedic surgeons able to perform the Stryker Mako procedure.

Jayne Cassidy, BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital executive director, said: “We are thrilled to welcome the Stryker Mako robotic-arm to BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital. This innovative technology is an exciting addition to our orthopaedic department and will enhance the process of hip and knee joint replacements for both our surgeons and patients.

“We are continuously striving to provide our patients with a high standard of care and with the use of Stryker Mako our patients can return to their former lifestyle quicker.”