The son of Sir Nicholas Winton unveiled a while lion sculpture in the heart of Maidenhead this week - to honour his late father's role in saving hundreds of Jewish children from the Nazis.

The sculpture was unveiled at Shanly Homes' Chapel Arches development. It represents the Order of the White Lion, granted to Sir Nicholas by Czech president Milos Zeman in 2014 for his role in organising trains to take the children out of Czechoslovakia just before the Nazis invaded.

The country has since divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia - and Sir Nicholas has also been awarded the Slovak Republic's highest honour the Order of the White Double Cross.

Sir Nicholas' son Nick said: "“I’ve always been extremely proud of my father’s role in helping to save the lives of 669 children.

“I’m deeply moved to unveil this White Lion sculpture to honour my father and all those who follow his example to make a difference in the community.

“I’m delighted that his legacy lives on here in his home town, Maidenhead.”

The white lion was made by metalwork sculptor Owen Cunningham, who worked with public art expert Gordon Young.