Almost 60 people have signed a petition calling for a town council in Windsor.

Richard Endacott, who created the petition, said it is in response to a “consensus of opinion that Windsor which has a population of 32,207, has suffered from a democratic deficit leaving residents and business owners frustrated at the lack of representation on key issues”.

He said: “This issue is exacerbated by one borough councillor per nearly 3,000 residents across the unparished area struggling to keep up on the workload due to the recent boundary review, and an ineffective town forum which meets too infrequently and has no constitutional powers.

“Windsor is a beautiful town of international significance. Despite this, it has not had its own council since 1972, when it was merged with Maidenhead, a town it shares little in common with.

“The ward boundary changes at the last council elections in May 2019 have further reduced the representation of Windsor to just eight out of 41 borough councillors. Many of the new wards do not reflect the communities in Windsor and make many feel unrepresented.”

He added: “Windsor is ‘unparished’. This means that the most local layer of government is missing (unlike most of the rest of the borough) and ensuring that funds raised by the new Community Infrastructure Levy (paid for by property developers and very significant) are spent on projects which are important to local people. It is important that Windsor does not miss out further.

“A Windsor Town Council will be more responsive than the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) council to the diverse community needs and interests of Windsor residents and businesses. It can act as a vehicle for the representation of local interests and facilitate community activities, therefore promoting community spirit and inclusiveness.

“A Windsor Town Council can provide additionality to the services and facilities operated by RBWM, with the authority of a Windsor Town Council coming from their electoral mandate, allowing the statutory constitution to give them a relative security of existence.

“The ability to precept provides a relative stability of income and a means of raising funds from the community for reinvestment and importantly participation as a town councillor more substantially engages an individual in public service.”

Amy Tisi and Karen Davies, Lib Dem councillors for Clewer East, said they have signed the petition, adding: “Giving residents the chance to have a Windsor Town Council was a Lib Dem manifesto pledge, so we are delighted to work together with independents and members of other parties to strengthen local democracy in this way.

“The Windsor Town Forum doesn’t meet often enough so it is far too difficult, for both residents and councillors, to even get an item on the agenda for discussion.

“Its format also means it has none of the decision-making powers enjoyed by parish and town councils elsewhere in the borough.

“For these reasons, we believe a properly constituted town council would much better serve the interests of Windsor residents.”

To be considered at council, the petition needs to reach 1,500 signatures. Visit to sign.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has been contacted for comment.