A FAMILY of five is becoming increasingly desperate after being forced to live in a tiny room measuring 12 feet by 14 for nine months in 'temporary' council accommodation.

Michelle Fuell, 31, shares the room in Langley High Street with her daughters Paris, 14 and Summer, 11 and toddlers Blake, one and Eli, six months.

There are only two beds in the room.

They found themselves homeless after a dispute with the landlord at their previous home left them with nowhere to go.

Michelle had had to give up her job as a carer when her babies became ill and says she just wants a home of her own again so she can get back to working.

The family's current accommodation sees them share kitchen, dining room, garden and laundry facilities with other residents of two neighbouring council owed houses used as temporary accommodation.

But Michelle says they are becoming increasingly desperate in their the cramped single room.

The stress is particularly felt by her daughters, who also face a three mile walk every morning after being placed in a school in Slough. They can not afford public transport.

Paris, 14, said: "It is really tiring. It barely get any sleep because the babies keep crying.

"There is no privacy. The only way I can get privacy is by going out all the time, to the park or the library. My school work is suffering - I used to be in the top set but I'm dropping down now."

Michelle said: "We have seen other people who came here leave after home were found for them."

A spokesman for Slough Borough Council said: “Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented number of people presenting to the council as homeless there is a considerable backlog of cases and decisions on whether someone is entitled to social housing are being delayed.

“Once Miss Feull’s case had been decided, which is expected to take place within the next few weeks, we will know if Miss Feull qualifies for more housing assistance. We apologise for this delay created by the volume of cases we are currently dealing with.”