Royal Borough councillors are to receive a warning letter about the way they dress, after lead member Cllr Simon Dudley tweeted his displeasure over 'disrespectful attire' worn at Tuesday's meeting at Maidenhead Town Hall.

It was a first full meeting of the council since recent elections saw several new members voted onto the authority.

Speaking to the Observer yesterday (Thursday) about his tweet, Cllr Dudley said that the mayor would now be sending a letter to each councillor warning them to dress respectfully at future meetings.

He said: "If they don't dress or act appropriately they may be refused permission to speak and asked to leave."

Cllr Dudley did not name anybody but newly elected Cllr Jon Davey, who represents Clewer and Dedworth West ward on the Royal Borough, wore jeans and a T-shirt at Tuesday's meeting.

He said this week that he was not aware of any council rules specifically demanding that people dress in a certain way.

He said: "A lot of people were dressed casually at the meeting. You cannot just make up the rules as you go along."

Cllr Davey is now considering putting a motion before the next council meeting, inviting councillors to debate the whole issue and vote on it.

He said: "It is not what you wear that matters but the way you speak to people and how you treat people."