Dog owners who let their animals foul the villages they live in were put to shame on Sunday - by the children of Wraysbury and Horton.

The children had all taken part in a competition to design a poster for a 'clean up after your dog' campaign.

The idea came from Wraysbury resident Pat McFadden after his pet became ill having had contact with another dog's mess.

Henry Perez did the organising with support from the parish councils in both Wraysbury and Horton, as well as Wraysbury Parochial Charities, Wraysbury Village Trust and Wraysbury Football Club.

Winners received their awards at Wraysbury Primary School on Tuesday, during Assembly chaired by headteacher Alison Fox.

Royal Borough Deputy Mayor Cllr Gary Muir presented the awards. He said that he was greatly impressed by the winners' poster designs, adding that failing to clear up after dogs was a big problem in Wraysbury, Horton and Datchet.

Emily Hassell, nine, from Wraysbury Cubs was the overall winner.

The winners in the under 4 range all came from Pumpkins pre-school in Horton. They were 1) Lola Verity, 2) Maria Neag, 3) Maggie-May Loveridge, all aged three.

The four to six category winners were 1) Tobias Newton-Seddiquin from Wraysbury Primary School, 2) Charlotte Ford from Wraysbury Beavers, both 6, 3) Rosanna Buckland, four , from Pumpkins Pre School Wraysbury.

In the seven to 10 category came 1) Emily Hassell, nine, from Wraysbury Cubs, 2) Aaron Sharma-Smith, 10, from Wraysbury Primary School, 3) Ella Hughes, 10, from Wraysbury Primary School.

Winners aged 11 to 16 were 1) Martha Peacock, 12, from Churchmead School, Datchet, 2) Emily Atkins, 14, from Wraysbury Rangers, 3) Ella Seear, 15, from Wraysbury Explorers.

Also present at the assembly were three of the competition judges: Police Community Support Officer Leslie Bradfield, chairman of Wraysbury Parish Council Cllr Margaret Lenton and staff member of the Kennel Club Issy Cooke - pictured with Wraysbury Parish Councillor Cllr Mike Williams.