Generous members of two local Hindu youth groups donated blood at Langley Fire Station.

A total of 20 members of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh and Hindu Sevika Samiti (HSS UK) donated their blood as part of their 'sewa' (community service) activities.

For the past three years member of HSS UK have been donating blood regularly and encouraging more members to register and donate blood as part of a nationwide Sewa initiative.

Suhas Madhekar, sewa coordinator for HSS Slough branch, explained, “We are very pleased with the largest number of donors participating with us in Slough this year. Our efforts at promoting blood donation among our members and the wider Hindu community has certainly helped with the increased numbers this year. Some of the donors are donating for the first time in their lives.”

Sue Candie, the session sister for NHS Slough Blood donation team, said “There is an acute shortage of blood donors across BME donor group. It is absolutely great to see donations in large numbers from HSS volunteers and members of South Asian community in general as there is a shortage of these specialist blood types at the moment. We appreciate the efforts by HSS Slough to encourage large number of people to donate blood.”

Mr Madhekar further stated “The support by our members and the community has increased our confidence and we hope to do another blood donation event in about six month’s time, this time with an increased target of donors. We welcome anyone to join us to donate blood.”

You can join the NHS Organ Donor Register or become a new blood donor by calling 0300 123 2323.