Children who visited Windsor Museum at the Guildhall on Tuesday faced a daunting challenge - trying to recreate the legendary Albert brooch given to Queen Victoria by her husband the day before her wedding.

The brooch has also been worn by Queen Elizabeth and its image features in one of the Guildhall windows.

Children who attended the half term event at the museum in memory of Queen Victoria's birth were given foil, tissue paper, cards and lots of sequins and glitter with which to make their own versions of the brooch. They also had a go at recreating a Royal Victoria Order medal - they are still given to loyal royal staff today - as well as a Royal Victoria and Albert family Order medal which is given to close friends of the royal family.

Foil and tissue paper can never quite match jewels and gems but the 10 children who turned up gave it their all and had some proud exhibits to take home.

Louisa Knight, the Royal Borough's museum, art and local studies officer, said: "It was a fine day so less children came than we would have expected on a rainy day. But they really used their imaginations and it was a great success."