Two kittens whose mother was tragically killed in a crash have been named Bennie and Jet by staff at Old Windsor's Battersea dogs and cats home because of their love of singing.

The nine-week-old kittens were found by a member of the public in Slough and have been at the home in Priest Hill ever since.

Taz Willis, Cattery Intake Coordinator at Old Windsor said: “Although Bennie and Jet are still very young, they both have such big personalities; just like Sir Elton John, they are larger than life and love to have all of the attention that they can get.

"Being kittens, they sometimes do like to express themselves with their voices. Although they may not be as tuneful as Sir Elton, they have been very entertaining additions to our cattery and have definitely made all of the staff and volunteers here laugh and smile.”

Now the pair need a home.

Taz said: “Bennie and Jet are such an adorable pair, we’re sure it won’t take long to find them the perfect home. If you’re interested in rehoming a rescue cat, please contact Battersea Old Windsor cattery on 01784 494460 or email”