Datchet Parish Council is struggling to find new members - after a rocky few weeks that has seen the resignation of its chairman, vice-chairman and head of planning.

The resignations happened weeks before council elections across the Royal Borough earlier this month. They followed a long and fractious dispute over who should be the charitable trustees responsible for Datchet Village Hall site - which split members between those who thought it be solely parish councillors and those who disagreed

Following the resignations Cllr Linda O'Flynn stepped in to take over as chairman of the Parish Council and Cllr Pamela Barnes-Taylor took on a double responsibility as vice-chairman and lead member for planning.

But only eight people stood for the parish council in this month's elections, meaning there did not have to be a contest. This still leaves seven places to be filled to make the numbers up to the expected 15.

This week Cllr Barnes-Taylor said it was disappointing that more people had not come forward to stand in the election.

She said: "It is very surprising that people holding key positions did not stand for reelection.

"We desperately need people to take on all the jobs that need doing. We have got through it in the last month but those of us left are all having to take on too much as someone has to do it in the interim."

New chairman Cllr O'Flynn said: "The village needs people to take on a variety of roles. There is more to it than just the pretty village centre, there are a wide range of communities and areas that need looking after."

Anyone who would like to put themselves forward to be co-opted onto the council should write to the Datchet Parish Council office, 1 Allen Way, Datchet, Slough, Berks SL3 9HQ or visit Clerk@datchet parish council.gov.uk