Alternative plans for Heathrow’s controversial terminal expansion are set to be unveiled this month.

The project, named Heathrow West is being proposed by business and landowner the Arora Group, which specialises in major construction and hospitality.

The proposals are independent to those proposed by Heathrow Airport Limited and do not include the northwest runway, or major works associated with the M25, the group has said.

Founder and chairman Surinder Arora said: “Heathrow Airport Limited has already proposed its own plans for expansion.

“However, Arora considers residents should have a choice, which would break up Heathrow Airport’s monopoly and provide unique value based on its hospitality and service expertise.”

It comes after judges threw out a challenge by the Royal Borough and four other councils to get a judicial review of the government's decision to approve a third runway at the busy west London airport.

Mr Arora says the group’s proposals will require less land and fewer compulsory purchase orders, better integrate public transport connections and improve links with surrounding areas, be more efficient, be simpler and have “less disruptive” construction, and create a “global gateway” to the UK.

Mr Arora added: “Government policy supports expansion at Heathrow Airport and allows for competition, but Heathrow Airport Limited currently has a monopoly and the bidding process for development of the expansion is not truly competitive.

“Choice provides the opportunity to secure the best quality solution for the airport and the local community.

“The Arora Group believes that there is a better way to deliver increased terminal capacity and introduce competition at the airport.

“We consider that our proposals will be welcomed by residents, local authorities and other stakeholders, who may feel frustrated about the lack of choices on offer, given Heathrow Airport Limited’s long-held monopoly over the area.

“They now have an opportunity to consider what is the best solution to deliver the infrastructure needed to enable Heathrow’s expansion and maximise its success.

“Arora care deeply about the community, and we have invested in local people for many years; 92 per cent of our staff live locally, so we are naturally very passionate about the area and its future.

“This is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to get expansion plans right: expansion plans which will mitigate disruption to surrounding residents whilst offering an exciting new vision for the community, passengers and airlines.

“We are looking forward to introducing our alternative proposals to surrounding residents and stakeholders, and I look forward to listening to their views.”

Slough residents can head to Colnbrook Village Hall, in Vicarage Way, tomorrow (May 8) between 11am and 5pm to see the plans.