Veteran councillor Malcolm Beer is retiring from the Royal Borough after representing the people of Old Windsor during 25 years of independence.

He has always stood as a representative of Old Windsor Residents' Association and battled over numerous issue - notably aircraft noise.

He said: "It has been enjoyable. There have been some tense moments but most councillors are pleasant people.

"Politics is the thing that is ruining everything. It stops people saying what they want to.

"You can speak about something and be ignored and than later someone tells you they agreed with you."

At the age of 84 he is not giving up politics entirely and will continue as a parish councillor.

He joked how he and and his wife Anne had acquired their house in Old Windsor knowing it was in need of modernisation and redecoration.

He joked: "It was going to be a challenge. I did one or two things but it has not been touched since.

"You keep putting things off because you have so much else to do. Now I suppose I will have to do it. It is going to take some time."