A MUCH loved story returns to the stage of the Theatre Royal, Windsor later this month.

Rain Man first captivated audiences as a film in the 1980s. But this tale of a self-centred salesman learning to rethink his attitude to life after discovering an autistic older brother he never knew he had has been charming theatre audiences in recent months and will be coming to Windsor for a second time.

Chris Fountain takes on the role of Charlie Babbitt, whose is furious when he learns that his brother Raymond has inherited the family fortune.

Raymond has been living in an institution after accidentally hurting Charlie when he was a baby.

Charlie has grown up knowing nothing about him and becomes determined to get his hands on the money, 'kidnapping' Raymond from the institution.

What he does not know is that Raymond is an 'autistic savant' with a remarkable memory and a genius for numbers. Charlie soon discovers that Raymond is worth more than he could have ever imagined as his unique talent proves a winner at every casino Charlie drags him to.

But as he gets to know his long lost brother better Charlie finds that long buried memories from his early childhood of an 'invisible friend' called the Rain Man are taking on a new significance.

The production is being staged by Theatre Royal owner Bill Kenwright's Classic Screen to Stage Theatre Company.

The show runs at Windsor's Theatre Royal from Monday, April 29 until Saturday, May 4.