Slough residents had the chance to learn more about the Sikh turban and its significance at a week-long exhibition.

Charity group Chardikala Turban Academy, in collaboration with The Curve Library and Slough Council, hosted the exhibition, along with Slough’s first ‘turban day’, where people experienced what it feels like to wear the turban, known as a ‘dastar’.

Slough mayor Paul Singh Sohal and MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi joined guests and soldiers from the British Armed Forces and Thames Valley Police Slough at the event on April 6.

Harpreet Singh, organiser & volunteer for Chardikala Turban Academy, said: “It was great to be able to hold the first ever turban day event in Slough.

“The event was greatly received from the wider communities, with people from all walks of life coming to learn about and experience wearing the Sikh crown, which for a Sikh is an article of our faith, and a symbol of sovereignty, spirituality, self-respect and equality.”

Gaby Koenig, the community programme development officer for libraries and culture at Slough Borough Council, said: “It was great to host the turban exhibition at The Curve.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to talk to people about the turban and the practise of Sikhism and what the turban means within that.”