Moving fast is a good idea when you are in a haunted house.

So when the British street dance troupe and Britain's Got Talent winners Diversity visited the Legoland theme park in Windsor to view the new Haunted House Monster Party ride, they could not resist showing off their gravity-defying skills ahead of the ride's grand opening on April 13.

Commenting on the ride, Jordan Banjo, 26, said: “The Haunted House Monster Party ride looks wicked. It’s packed with loads of amazing Lego gargoyles and bats to make the whole place feel really spooky. It’s exactly the kind of ride I’d like to take my son Cass on, when he’s old enough of course – but he’ll have to beat me to it.”

Perri Kiely, 23, said: “We had the best day at Legoland and felt pretty lucky to be the first to see the amazing new ride. It goes without saying that we’ll be back as soon as we can and who knows, maybe we can add it into our training regime ahead of our 10 Year Anniversary Tour.”

The Haunted House Monster Party will open its doors to guests on Saturday, April 13. Young party guests will be greeted by joke-telling brick gargoyles and talking statues, Lego bunting, banners and balloons. Inside Lord Vampyre’s Haunted House, families will take their seats on the ride at a banquet table in a magnificent hall, brimming with ghastly monster party food, cauldrons, potion bottles and goblets. Once sitting comfortably, Lord Vampyre will reveal his magical party trick – bringing the banquet hall swinging to life and turning the room upside down before his party goer’s very eyes."

Porential guests can find out more and book tickets online at