Following a spate of ten distraction burglaries in Slough in quick succession, Thames Valley Police have issued advice to elderly residents to help protect their homes.

The ten incidents occurred as follows:

• The first incident took place on 28 January around 1.45pm in Minster Way.

• The second incident took place on 1 February around 12.45pm in Springfield Upton Road.

• The third incident took place on 8 February around 6.30pm in Stoke Road.

• The fourth incident took place on 11 February around 3.30pm in Uxbridge Road.

• The fifth incident took place on 12 February around 11.30am in Charter Close.

• The sixth incident took place on 14 February around 11.30am in Kimberley Close.

• The seventh incident took place on 19 February around 3.45pm in Charter Close.

• The eighth incident took place on 26 February around 11.30am in Borderside.

• The ninth incident took place on 6 March around 2pm in Grampian Way.

• The tenth incident took place on 11 March around 2pm in Knolton Way.

Thames Valley Police have issued the following advice to reduce to risk of becoming a victim:

• Don’t open the door if you are not sure who is calling

• Check the identity of the caller by contacting the company they’re claiming to be from and use the telephone numbers listed in your local directory – don’t use any telephone numbers provided by the caller

• Do not let them into your home until you are happy that they are who they claim to be

• If you have any suspicions call the police on 101.

Residents may notice extra patrols whilst police work on the investigation. Three males have been arrested in relation to the incident on 26 February. All three have since been released under investigation.

Detective Inspector John Wordsworth based at Slough police station, said: “We are aware of a number of distraction burglaries in the area which are believed to be linked.

“In each case the offenders worked in a small group, of between two and three people, and visited the homes of elderly victims claiming to be from the water board. While one of the offenders distracted the victim by engaging them in conversation, the other offender walked through the property and took items of value including cash, gold and jewellery.